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I’ve partnered with several companies to offer you discount codes on great gym equipment. Enjoy the savings!

Force USA – 5% Off

Use code KING5 for 5% off for all Force USA orders over $1200.

Force USA is most popular for their super versatile G-Series all-in-one gyms as well as their budget-friendly MyRack power rack, all of which I’ve reviewed.

They’re also known for their compact leg press and 45 degree leg press, which are well-priced and well-designed. Plus, they sell bars, plates and benches.

Force USA G20, G12, G9, G6 and G3 All-In-One Gyms

Gym and Fitness (Australia) – 5% Off

Use code KING5 for 5% off any order from, excluding items already on sale.

Gym and Fitness is one of Australia’s top gym equipment distributors, with a wide range of products from racks, weights and bars, to cardio equipment, to accessories, and even saunas.

VITRUVE – 5% Off

Use code KING for 5% off all orders from VITRUVE.

VITRUVE sells one of the best velocity based training devices on the market. You can read my VITRUVE mini-review here.

VITRUVE VBT Device Connected to Barbell

Kabuki Strength – 5% Off

Use code KOTG5 for 5% off Kabuki Strength bars, plates, body tempering/soft tissue equipment and certain accessories.

Kabuki Strength is known for their innovation and premium quality when it comes to all things strength training. They have several different specialty barbells like the Kabuki Trap Bar (open style, built-in jack) and the Transformer Bar (safety squat bar with adjustable sleeve positions). They also have some very cool mobility/conditioning tools (ShouldeRok) and body tempering tools (Geisha Roller, PainPill).

I’ve reviewed the super popular Kabuki Strength Power Bar, which is one of their flagship products.

Kabuki Strength New Generation Power Bar

Angles90 Grippers – 10% Off

Use code KING10 for 10% off any Angles90 order.

Angles90 is known for their super versatile gripper handles. These orange, crescent-shaped handles are designed to attach to all different types of gym equipment — including pull up bars, cable attachments, gym machines, kettlebells and more!

They let you easily modify exercises to give you both a more comfortable grip and the ability to freely rotate the handles during the movement. The ability to rotate allows you to more effectively hit target muscle groups while reducing shoulder/elbow/wrist joint strain compared to using a fixed grip position.

They’re simple to use. You just loop them around which ever piece of equipment you’re using. And they allow for different types of grip: Flip them up for the power position (better for heavier, lower rep lifts) or flip them down for ergo position (better for higher rep work). You also shorten them if needed by threading the nylon straps through the side slits.

Angles 90 Grippers
Left to right: Power position, power position (shortened), ergo position, ergo position (shortened), D-handle style

Wall Control – 10% Off

Use code KING for 10% off any Wall Control order.

Wall Control is the most popular type of metal pegboard for home gym owners. It’s a highly customizable storage solution that’s easy to use, looks great and helps you organize your gym.

No longer will your floors be cluttered or your shelves overcrowded!

Wall Control has a ton of hooks and accessories available, all of which insert into the pegboard slots. There are different hook shapes and lengths for hanging different types of accessories. It’s good to get a variety hooks/accessories.

Below, I’ll list out the hooks and accessories I bought for my 4-panel setup. I think these accessories will work well for most people (note: you may want to adjust the quantities depending on how many panels you buy):

King of the Gym Logo on Wall Control Pegboard - Custom Printed by Hangtime Store

Kettlebell Kings – 5% Off

Use code KOTG5 for 5% off any Kettlebell Kings order.

Kettlebell Kings is known for their large selection of high quality kettlebells, free shipping (and free returns!) and top-notch customer service.

Generally, Kettlebell Kings offers premium kettlebells compared to the competition. Here’s what makes them so good:

  • They’re made in the USA!
  • They have an ideal texture that isn’t too slick. The handle is soft but yet just enough grit to provide a better grip.
  • The kettlebell surface itself (underneath the coating) is extremely smooth as a result of a better casting process. More care is taken to smooth out the seam and remove any burrs prior to finishing.
  • They have great balance, which is a must have for maximizing performance and technique.
  • The handle is a bit wider than many other brands, which makes two handed movements easier to perform.
  • There are multiple types available including powder coat (lbs), powder coat (kgs), cerakote (lbs and kgs) and steel competition style bells.
Kettlebell Kings

Railtrainer – 10% Off

Use code KING for 10% off any Railtrainer order.

Railtrainer makes the most innovative, compact and versatile pulley system on the market. What makes it different than any other DIY style pulley setup is its retractor system, which lets you to easily adjust the length of the cable. This retractability feature enables you to turn your power rack into a functional trainer. There’s a loading pin version (Quick Pin) and a weight stack version (Quick Stack). Read my in-depth Railtrainer review for more details.

Railtrainer Review

Gym Pin – 10% Off

Use code KING10 for 10% off any order from Gym Pin.

Gym Pin is best known for their weight stack adapter pin that lets you add Olympic plates to a weight stack so you can keep progressing after maxing out the stack. You can read my Gym Pin weight stack adapter pin review for more information.

Gym Pin also sells extension sleeves for plate loaded machines and a super versatile cable attachment called the Gym Pin D-Handle Bar, which I’ve also reviewed.

The Gym Pin - Weight Stack Plate Holder Pin

Bare Steel Equipment – $10 or $20 Off

I have 2 codes for Bare Steel Equipment, which I’ll discuss below:

Bare Steel Equipment (BSE) is probably best known for their weight stack adapter pin, which is a main competitor to Gym Pin’s adapter pin. You can read all about their adapter pin in my BSE Stacked Weight Pin review, but its standout features are built-in magnets for a more secure fit to the weight stack as well as 20+ cerakote color finishes.

BSE also sells barbells, safety squat bar handle extensions, extension sleeves for plate loaded machines, chains and other accessories.

Bare Steel Equipment Stacked Weight Pin - Weight Stack Adapter Pin

Vesta Fitness – 5% Off

Use code KING5 for 5% off your order.

Based out of California, Vesta Fitness is a newer gym equipment company that sells some nice looking power racks, half racks and multigyms at a decent price. They also sell other strength equipment like barbells, dumbbells and various accessories.

Clench Fitness – 10% Off

Use code KING10 for 10% off any Clench Fitness order.

Clench Fitness makes some great resistance bands. The coolest thing they make, though, is a unique handle that allows you to attach resistance bands in a number of ways to perform a ton of different band-resisted movements.

The Clench handle + bands combo is perfect for workouts while traveling since it’s an extremely portable setup. It’s also great if you love going to the park to workout. It even makes a nice complement to your existing home gym equipment.

Clench Fitness Handles and Bands

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