Download The MYx8 Workout Routine: King of the Gym’s Official Program

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What Is The MYx8 Routine & Who Is It For?

The MYx8 Routine is the official weight lifting routine of King of the Gym (formerly It's designed for beginners, but it also does the trick for non-newbies who aren't as strong as they should be.

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10 thoughts on “Download The MYx8 Workout Routine: King of the Gym’s Official Program”

  1. will be starting your myx8 workout this week, makes perfect sense, as im getting back into training had 1year out due to injury. and before my injury i was doing something very similar. will keep you posted as i will do the routine for at least 3months if not more depending if i platue , which there for i will swap exercises for another compound movement i.e incline for flat and barbel rows for one arm etc.

    1. That sounds like a great approach, Alistair. It’s good to hear that you’ll give the program ample time to see results before modifying anything — Many people don’t have that kind of patience and want to change things right away.

      I look forward to hearing how you progress over the coming weeks and months. Keep me posted.

  2. Hey Alex. I’m getting back to training after 18 months or so and I’m really looking forward to trying your MYx8 routine workout. I just had one question though, will it be a problem if I continue doing my abs workout alongside this one? If not, then have you got a better suggestion?

    1. It most certainly will, Jon. Just make sure you follow the program as laid out–plus, eat right and get good sleep. I talk about all these things in eBook, which you’ll get after signing up.


    1. Hi Trent,

      I looked through the files on my computer, and I found a spreadsheet that I created a while back for MYx8. It doesn’t have the tracking or or volume calculations, but it’s decent for logging your weights/sets week by week.

      Check your email, I sent you a copy.


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