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Leg Training Tips & Strategies for Building Massive Legs

On this page, I’ll discuss the best leg training tips, exercises and strategies for building strong and muscular legs. Leg training is what separates the true alpha males from the pre-pubescant, high voiced and limp wristed girly men! End of story. **Pounds Chest** Okay, okay…maybe that was a bit too harsh and just slightly exaggerated. … Read more

chest training

Chest Training Tips & Strategies for Building Powerful Pectorals

This chest training guide teaches you the best exercises, training tips and strategies for building an a strong and aesthetic chest. Working the chest is an important part of any effective weight lifting routine. And let’s be frank, almost everyone wants a muscular chest. By selecting the correct chest exercises and implementing a sound training … Read more

back training

Back Training Tips & Strategies for Building a BIG Back

This page is a complete guide to back training. Get ready to discover the best training tips and workout strategies for building a strong and muscular back. Back training is critical to long term weight lifting success, in terms of aesthetics, performance and health/safety. Sadly, this concept is foreign to the many half-assed and short-sighted … Read more

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Shoulder Training Tips & Strategies for Building Boulder Shoulders

Discover all you need to know about shoulder training, including the benefits of working your shoulders, training tips, advice and much more. This page is a complete guide to shoulder training… …It includes the exact information that you need to accelerate your shoulder training progress and amplify your gains. Continue reading to learn how you … Read more

power rack training

Power Rack Training: Benefits, Uses & Exercises

Learn all about power rack training here. On this page, you’ll discover why the power rack is a weight lifter’s best friend… …Specifically, I’ll explain what this piece of equipment is, the exercises you can do with it, its benefits and why it should be an integral component in your training. So, what are power … Read more

self myofascial release

Self Myofascial Release: Benefits, Tools & Techniques

Discover how self myofascial release techniques, such as foam roller exercises, can improve your posture, flexibility, blood flow and your overall wellbeing. Self myofascial release is a form of self-massage. It involves applying pressure along your muscles by rolling your body against an object (or rolling an object against your body). The objective is stretch … Read more

Valsalva Maneuver: A Weight Training Breathing Technique

The Valsalva maneuver is a specific breathing technique that you can utilize to immediately improve your weight training performance and safety. It creates a pocket of pressure in the abdominal and thoracic cavities. The results are that you increase your power output potential and provide core support to protect your lower back from injury. That’s … Read more

7 Weight Lifting Benefits That Will Improve Your Life

Weight Lifting Benefits. Any committed lifter begins weight training to achieve a certain result. But they continue to train because it provides them with so much more value. The number of weight lifting benefits that I could rattle off the top of my head is obnoxiously long… …So I’ll save you the headache and just … Read more