How to Build Muscle: The Ultimate Mass Gaining Guide

I am going to teach you exactly how to build muscle by applying fundamental nutrition and weight lifting principles. No BS-ing around, just concrete and practical guidelines. This guide is aimed at beginners. But the vast majority of this muscle building information is applicable to all levels of experience. And when relevant, I do provide … Read more

reps and sets

A Guide to Reps and Sets, Rep Ranges & Rest Between Sets

What are reps and sets? This post explains all you need to know about reps, sets, rep ranges and rest between sets, so that you can improve your training results. Anyone that is learning how to lift weights will come across these two terms quite frequently. Whether your interest is in bodybuilding, powerlifting, physical conditioning … Read more

build bigger biceps and tricpes

6 Tips to Build Bigger Arms

Who doesn’t want to build bigger arms? Having big biceps and triceps is key to having an impressive physique. Plus, it gives you something to brag about if you need a quick ego boost. 😀 The upper arms, which include the biceps and triceps, are quite small compared to most other muscle groups. But just … Read more

progressive overload

Progressive Overload Is the Holy Grail of Building Muscle and Strength

The Principle of Progressive Overload is crucial for building muscle and gaining strength. The concept is simple: You must continually increase the demand placed on your body – over time. If you implement this principle, muscle and strength gains are guaranteed. Period. Whether you are struggling to gain muscle mass, want to increase your bench … Read more

Why Are Compound Exercises Better Than Isolation Exercises for Beginners? – Weight Lifting Q&A

Question: Why are compound exercises better than isolation exercises? I ask, because you often say beginners should rarely do isolation movements, if at all. I want to do preacher curls and triceps pushdowns to build bigger arms. – Tim (Kansas) Answer: Hey Tim, thanks for the question. As a beginner, your time can be spent … Read more

ectomorph weight training strategy

What Is The Best Ectomorph Training Strategy? – Weight Lifting Q&A

Question: I was hoping you could tell me some ectomorph training tips and workout advice. I looked at your article on different body types, and was intrigued to find that the ectomorph somatotype accurately describes both my personality and my body type. In terms of weight lifting, how does this body type affect the way … Read more

triceps training

Triceps Training Tips & Strategies for Building Bigger Triceps

Find out all you need to know about triceps training, including the best exercises, training tips and strategies for building big, horseshoe-shaped triceps. Building bigger triceps is just a matter of figuring out which exercises to do, when to do them and how to implement them into your program for the best results. And that’s … Read more

calf training

Calf Training Tips & Strategies for Building Huge Calves

This calf training guide covers the best calf exercises, training tips and strategies that will force your calves to grow. The calves can be a stubborn muscle group because of poor genetics and/or bad training. Unfortunately, you can’t improve bad genetics. But you can learn how to train your calves the right way… …So even … Read more