PowerBlock Dumbbell Set Reviews: Classic vs Elite vs Sport vs Pro vs Urethane vs PowerBlock Series

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Is the PowerBlock adjustable dumbbell system right for you? If so, which specific model should you choose?

This page will teach you how to accurately assess which PowerBlock model is the best adjustable dumbbell set for your needs. I’ve included:

  • My top recommendations
  • A comparison chart of all the PowerBlock dumbbell “series”: Elite vs Sport vs Pro vs PowerBlock Series and more!
  • In-depth head-to-head comparison of the models
  • Videos & photos of each different PowerBlock dumbbell set.

To start, I’ll summarize my top PowerBlock recommendations in the chart below:

ModelKey FeaturesRating

Pro EXP Stage 3 Set
PowerBlock Pro EXP Stage 3 SetCheck Price

  • Goes up to 90 lbs
  • Flex bracket design for significantly greater durability
  • Urethane coating to protect the dumbbells from wear and tear over time
  • Auto lock adjustment
  • Open handle design with "wedge" handle shape gives the most hand space of any model
  • Replaced the "Urethane Series" in 2018

Rated 5 out of 5 in Adjustable Dumbbells
5 Stars

Elite 90 Set
PowerBlock Elite 90 SetCheck Price

  • Goes up to 90 lbs
  • Only model made in the USA
  • Not the lowest-priced model, but a reat bang for your buck
  • Straight handle (as opposed to contoured)
  • Padded wrist support bars

Rated 4.5 out of 5 in Adjustable Dumbbells
4.5 Stars

Sport EXP Stage 3 Set
PowerBlock Sport EXP Stage 3 SetCheck Price

  • Goes up to 90 lbs
  • Lowest priced model that expands to 90 lbs
  • Auto lock adjustment
  • Open handle design
  • Sleek design

Rated 4.5 out of 5 in Adjustable Dumbbells
4.5 Stars

Need more info? Keep reading this page! (Afterwards, you may also want to check out my PowerBlock dumbbells review, where I discuss the pros & cons of the PowerBlock system, plus other details.)

A General Overview of PowerBlock Dumbbells

Currently, there are 4 series of PowerBlock dumbbells in production, including the:

  • Pro Series: This includes the Pro Series home-use models and the Commercial Pro Series.
  • Elite Series: Formerly called the “Classic Series,” this includes both the Elite USA and the Elite EXP. The Elite EXP are imported and only sold through third-party retailers.
  • Sport Series: These are identical to the “PowerBlock Series” in everything but the color scheme. They are only available through third-party retailers.
  • PowerBlock Series: They are virtually identical to the Sport Series with the only difference being the colors. Like the Sports Series and the Elite EXP, they are only sold through third-party retailers.

Within each series, there are several different models. I’ll go over them in detail later.

Some models are expandable, while others are non-expandable. That is, with some models you have the option to purchase add-on kits to increase the maximum weight, while others lack such options.

It is quite confusing to distinguish between the various series, models and add-ons, especially when you’re just starting to research them.

With so many models, each having its own unique set of features, capabilities and limitations, it takes some effort to familiarize yourself with not only the major distinctions between models but also their more subtle differences.

This process of gathering, filtering and analyzing crucial product information takes hours of research and can be frustrating. It’s the last thing you’d want to endure when your aim is to simply buy a set of PowerBlocks and be done with it.

However, it would be foolish to make such an expensive investment without first attaining all the knowledge needed to make the correct choice.

And so, it is my goal to help clear up the confusion surrounding the PowerBlock dumbbells by presenting all the essential information in a coherent fashion.

PowerBlock Dumbbells Comparison Chart

Please read the following paragraphs for an important note regarding the information in my PowerBlock comparison chart below.

You’ll notice that some models in the chart below have different “stages” (i.e. Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3). What this means is that you can expand the weight capacity of the base dumbbell set (i.e. the Stage 1 set) with a Stage 2 expansion kit and then a Stage 3 expansion kit.

So, you can buy just the Stage I model to begin with, and then purchase the expansion kit(s) separately, at some point in the future. This method is best if you’re strapped for cash and/or don’t know if you’ll even need the extra weight capacity.

Alternatively, you can buy the dumbbell sets with the expansion kit(s) included. This is what the “Stage 2” and “Stage 3” models in the chart refer to. You save some money this way, as opposed to buying the base set and expansion kits separately.

Example: You could buy just the Sports EXP Stage 1 set now, and then have the option to buy the Stage 2 and Stage 3 expansion kits later. Alternatively, you could buy the Sports EXP Stage 2 set now and have the choice to buy the Stage 3 expansion kit later. Or, the third and final option would be to go all out and buy the Sports EXP Stage 3 set now and have everything included from the get-go.

Currently Available Models:

ModelUseSeriesRange (lbs.)Increments (lbs.)Unavailable
Increments (lbs.)
Adder WeightsLxWxH (in.)Price
HomeElite5 - 502.512.5, 22.5, 32.5, 42.5Yes12x6x6$419 + S&H
HomeElite5 - 702.512.5, 22.5, 32.5, 42.5, 52.5, 62.5Yes14x6x6$608 + S&H
HomeElite5 - 902.512.5, 22.5, 32.5, 42.5, 52.5, 62.5, 72.5, 82.5Yes16x6x6$797 + S&H
HomeSport3 - 243NoneNo10.5x5.25x5$199 + S&H
HomeSport10 - 505NoneNo12.5x6.5x6.5$399 + S&H
HomeSport5 - 502.512.5, 22.5, 32.5, 42.5Yes12x6.5x6.5$409 + S&H
HomeSport5 - 702.512.5, 22.5, 32.5, 42.5, 52.5, 62.5Yes14x6.5x6.5$588 + S&H
HomeSport5 - 902.512.5, 22.5, 32.5, 42.5, 52.5, 62.5, 72.5, 82.5Yes16x6.5x6.5$767 + S&H
HomePro4 - 324NoneNo12x5.75x5.5$339 + S&H
HomePro5 - 502.5NoneYes13x7x7.25$499 + S&H
HomePro5 - 502.512.5, 22.5, 32.5, 42.5Yes12.5x7x7.25$509 + S&H
HomePro5 - 702.512.5, 22.5, 32.5, 42.5, 52.5, 62.5Yes14.75x7x7.25$708 + S&H
HomePro5 - 902.512.5, 22.5, 32.5, 42.5, 52.5, 62.5, 72.5, 82.5Yes17x7x7.25$907 + S&H
HomePowerBlock10 - 505NoneNo12.25x6.5x6.5Check price
HomePowerBlock5 - 502.512.5, 22.5, 32.5, 42.5Yes12x6.5x6.5Check price
HomePowerBlock5 - 702.512.5, 22.5, 32.5, 42.5, 52.5, 62.5Yes14x6.5x6.5Check price
HomePowerBlock5 - 902.512.5, 22.5, 32.5, 42.5, 52.5, 62.5, 72.5, 82.5Yes16x6.5x6.5Check price
CommercialPro Commercial4 - 324NoneNo13.5x5.5x5.5$339 + S&H
CommercialPro Commercial10 - 505NoneNoN/A$899 + S&H
CommercialPro Commercial5 - 905NoneNoN/A$1429 + S&H
CommercialPro Commercial12.5 - 125
(really 127)
7.5110, 117.5, 125 (has 111, 120 & 127 instead)No17.25" L at 125 lbs$1749 + S&H
CommercialPro Commercial12.5 - 1757.5110, 117.5, 125, 132.5 (has 111, 120, 127 & 137.5 instead)No20.75" L at 175 lbs$2129 + S&H

Discontinued Models:

ModelUseSeriesRange (lbs.)Increments (lbs.)Unavailable Increments (lbs.)Adder WeightsLxWxH (inches)Price ($)
Classic 45
HomeClassic5 - 455NoneNo12x6x6N/A
HomeClassic10 - 505NoneNo12x6x6.25Check Price
HomeClassic5 - 502.5NoneNo12x6x6 (?)Check Price
Elite 130
HomeClassic5 - 1302.512.5, 22.5, 32.5, 42.5,52.5, 62.5, 72.5, 82.5,85, 95, 97.5, 107.5,110, 120, 122.5Yes19x6x6N/A
HomeSport3 - 243NoneNo?x?x?Check Price
Sport 5.0
HomeSport5 - 505NoneNo?x?x?N/A
Sport 5.0 + 20 lb Cores
HomeSport20 - 655NoneNo?x?x?N/A
Sport 5.5
HomeSport2.5 - 552.5NoneNo?x?x?N/A
Sport 9.0 Stage 1
HomeSport5 - 502.512.5, 22.5, 32.5, 42.5Yes12x6.5x6.5N/A
Sport 9.0 Stage 2
HomeSport5 - 902.512.5, 22.5, 32.5, 42.5,52.5, 62.5, 72.5, 82.5Yes16x6.5x6.5N/A
Sport 9.0 Stage 3
HomeSport5 - 1302.512.5, 22.5, 32.5, 42.5,52.5, 62.5, 72.5, 82.5,85, 92.5, 95, 97.5,107.5, 110, 120, 122.5Yes19x6.5x6.5N/A
HomeUrethane2.5 - 202.5NoneNo11.5x5.5x5.5N/A
U-33 Stage 1
HomeUrethane3 - 2116, 10, 14, 18Yes10.5x5.5x5.5N/A
U-33 Stage 2
HomeUrethane3 - 3316, 10, 14, 18, 22, 26, 30Yes13.25x5.5x5.5N/A
HomeUrethane5 - 502.512.5, 22.5, 32.5, 42.5Yes13x7.25x7N/A
U-70 Stage 1
HomeUrethane5 - 402.532.5Yes11.75x7x7.25N/A
U-70 Stage 2
HomeUrethane5 - 602.532.5, 42.5, 52.5Yes14x7x7.25N/A
U-70 Stage 3
HomeUrethane5 - 702.532.5, 42.5, 52.5, 62.5Yes15.25x7x7.25N/A
U-90 Stage 1
HomeUrethane5 - 502.512.5, 22.5, 32.5, 42.5Yes12.5x7x7.25N/A
U-90 Stage 2
HomeUrethane5 - 702.512.5, 22.5, 32.5, 42.5, 52.5, 62.5Yes14.75x7x7N/A
U-90 Stage 3
HomeUrethane5 - 902.512.5, 22.5, 32.5, 42.5, 52.5, 62.5, 72.5, 82.5Yes17x7x7N/A
U-90 Stage 4
HomeUrethane5 - 1252.512.5, 22.5, 32.5, 42.5, 52.5, 62.5, 72.5, 82.5, 92.5, 95, 97.5, 100, 110, 112.5, 115, 117.5Yes20.5x7.25x8.25N/A
Heavy Weight XXXL 125 lb
HomeUrethane10 - 1252.5**22.5, 37.5, 52.5, 67.5,82.5, 97.5, 114Yes (?)17.25x8.5x8.5N/A
Heavy Weight XXXL 175 lb
HomeUrethane10 - 1752.5**22.5, 37.5, 52.5, 67.5,82.5, 97.5, 114, 127.5,130, 132.5, 147.5,162.5Yes (?)20.75x8.5x8.5N/A

** The precise weight increments for the “Heavy Weight 125 lb” and the “Heavy Weight 125 lb + 50 lb Add-On” are as follows: 2.5 lb increments from 10-105 lbs (and from 130-175 if using the 50 lb Add-On Kit); 3 lb increments from 105-125 lbs; 2 lb increments from 120-122 lbs.

In-depth PowerBlock Comparison Guides

I’ve written in-depth PowerBlock comparison guides that compare the various series/models head-to-head. Check them out below:

Note: I didn’t create any head-to-head comparison articles for the “PowerBlock Series” dumbbells (i.e. the PowerBlock EXP, PowerBlock 50) since the PowerBlock Series is basically identical to the Sport Series except for the color scheme and the fact that there’s no PowerBlock Series version of the Sport 24.

You may also be interested in my PowerBlock knurled handle review to learn about how you can upgrade the grips on certain PowerBlock dumbbell models.

What’s the Best PowerBlock Dumbbell Model to Buy?

Which PowerBlock model is best? The short answer is that the PowerBlock Pro EXP is the best PowerBlock dumbbell set.

The long answer is that the best PowerBlock model depends on a few different factors, including budget, training goals and how much you value certain design features. However, I can narrow down the choices for anyone like myself and most of my readers who are serious about lifting.

With that in mind, I’d only recommend buying PowerBlock dumbbells that are expandable to at least 90 lbs. This narrows your choices to five models:

  1. Pro EXP: The Pro EXP Stage 3 set goes up to 90 lbs per dumbbell.
    • Note that you can get the Stage 1 set (5-50 lbs) or Stage 2 set (5-70 lbs) to start; then buy the Stage 2 expansion kit (50-70 lbs) and/or the Stage 3 expansion kit (70-90 lbs) later, if your budget is strict.
  2. Elite USA: The Elite USA 90 comes with 90 lbs max capacity per dumbbell.
    • The Elite 50 and Elite 70 are expandable up to 90 lbs with their own expansion kits.
  3. Sport EXP: Goes up to 90 lbs with the Stage 3 set.
    • The Stage 1 set (5-50 lbs) and Stage 2 set (5-70 lbs) can of course be upgraded later to get the full 90 lb capacity by getting the Stage 2 expansion kit (50-70 lbs) and Stage 3 expansion kit (70-90 lbs) separately.
  4. Pro 90 Commercial Set: The Pro 90 Commercial Set comes with 90 lbs max capacity per dumbbell. It is not expandable.
  5. Pro 125 Commercial Set or Pro 175 Commercial Set: The Pro 125 set is expandable to 175 lbs. with the 125-175 lb expansion kit. The Pro 175 set is 175 lbs when you get it.

#1 Pro EXP Stage 3 Set

PowerBlock Pro EXP Stage 3 Adjustable Dumbbell Set

My first choice would be one of the Pro EXP sets because:

PowerBlock Pro EXP Block Rails Have Non-Welded Flex Design
  • They are expandable to 90 lbs. Even very advanced lifters rarely need more than that. If they do, it’s only for a small handful of exercises (e.g. one arm row, dumbbell bench press).
  • They have a protective Urethane coating over each weight block. This makes a major difference in preventing cosmetic as well as functional damage from short drops.
  • The rails connecting the ends of each block to together use a superior non-welded “flex” design. This allows them to move and bend slightly, as shown above. This makes them MUCH less likely to be damaged from drops, compared to inflexible welded designs. These are the only home-use PowerBlock series that have this flex technology (the Pro Commercial also has it). The Classic (Elite), Sports and PowerBlock series’ all use a welded design. The Pro EXP’s flex design combined with its urethane coating, makes it unmatched in terms of durability and robustness.
  • You can upgrade the handles with PowerBlock’s Pro knurled grips. This will provide you with a much more secure grip than the default rubberized grips.
  • They’re the only PowerBlock series that’s compatible with the Kettlebell handle attachment, giving you access to an adjustable kettlebell option. They’re also the only line that’s compatible with the PowerBlock EZ Curl / Straight Bar handles which essentially convert the Pro EXP dumbbells into adjustable barbells!
  • They have a 5-year limited warranty, which covers manufacturer defects as well as damage from normal use and drops from as high as 12 inches. This is the same warranty offered on ALL home-use PowerBlock models. Until recently, PowerBlock had 10-year, 15-year or lifetime warranties on different models. However, after noticing that the PowerBlock EXP warranty was less than this, despite being a better and more expensive dumbbell, I reached out to a PowerBlock rep for clarification (in early Jan. 2019). He told me that all new home-use PowerBlock models sold going forward now have a standard 5-year limited warranty. If you see conflicting information elsewhere, it’s out of date.
PowerBlock Pro EXP Adjustable Dumbbells
This photo shows just the Pro EXP Stage 1 base set. If you buy this one, you can (and should!) buy the Stage 2 expansion kit & Stage 3 expansion kit later, to get the full 90 lbs max weight.

Want to learn more about these adjustable dumbbells? Be sure to read my full review of the PowerBlock Pro EXP dumbbell set.

NOTE: Although the 90 lb Pro EXP Stage 3 set would be my ideal first choice, I understand that budget is very important for most people, myself included…

…And the Pro EXP Stage 3 set is more expensive than the next best models: the Elite 90 and Sports EXP Stage 3. Specifically, the Pro EXP Stage 3 is currently $140 more than the Sports EXP Stage 3 and $110 more than the Elite 90.

If budget is a major concern, then either the Elite 90 set or the Sports EXP Stage 3 set may be the best choice for you. I’ll discuss those models next.

#2 Elite USA 90 Set & #3 Sport EXP Stage 3 Set

It’s difficult for me to choose a clear-cut winner between the Elite 90 and the Sports EXP Stage 3. It’s pretty much a tie

…However, if I was forced to choose, I would give the edge to the Elite 90 because it’s made in the USA and PowerBlock makes optional knurled grips to upgrade the handle. PowerBlock doesn’t make knurled grips for the Sport EXP — you’ll have to go to a third party like BSE for that.

Each model has its own positives and negatives, described below, which makes choosing between the two such a difficult decision.

  • The Elite dumbbells are by far the best-selling model.
  • The Elite dumbbells are made in the USA. The Sport EXP (and all other PowerBlock dumbbells) are made in China.
  • PowerBlock offers optional knurled handles that work with the Elite USA, and for a very good price. They have no such option that works for the Sport EXP. You can get knurled handle grips for the Sport EXP from a third party like Bare Steel Equipment (code KING10 saves you $10), but it costs a lot more.
  • The Elite dumbbells have a “Closed Handle” design. This refers to the padded wrist support bars at the top of the handle. These supports let you prop your lower forearm against the pad to keep your wrist neutral with little effort. It can also provide leverage on curls so that you focus more on your biceps. Some people love this. Others with very large hands and wrists find it to be restrictive to their wrist/forearm movement.
  • The Sport EXP dumbbells are more affordable by $10-30 (i.e. Sport EXP Stage 1 is $10 less than the Elite 50; Sport EXP Stage 2 is $20 less than the Elite 70; Sport EXP Stage 3 is $30 less than the Elite 90).
  • The Sport EXP dumbbells have an “Open Handle” design. There are no padded wrist support bars on the top of the handle like the Elite has. This gives you all the side-to-side range of motion to move your wrists/forearms without obstruction.
  • The Sport EXP dumbbells have the “Auto lock” lever feature for closing the adder weight ports automatically when you place the handles back inside of the blocks. Whereas, you have to remember to move the manual lever to “Closed” on the Elite dumbbells.
  • Both sets go up to 90 lbs per dumbbell. This is plenty of weight for the vast majority of lifters on the vast majority of exercises.

Read my guide on the PowerBlock Elite vs Sport for an in-depth comparison of these models.

Note there are also the “PowerBlock EXP” dumbbells as well. I’m grouping these in with the Sport EXP since they are the same as the Sport EXP in terms of design/shape, dimensions, increments and max capacity. The main difference is the color scheme (grey/black vs black/red). Importantly, the PowerBlock EXP sets are only available through 3rd party retailers like Amazon, Walmart, etc. I’d personally opt for the Sport EXP since it’s sold by PowerBlock.com so if you ever have an issue, you can deal directly with the manufacturer.

For anyone wondering, the Sport EXP and PowerBlock EXP expansion kits are interchangeable. The only difference is that the colors of the blocks are different (grey for the Sport EXP vs black the PowerBlock EXP).

#4 Pro 90 Commercial Set

My fourth choice would be the Pro 90 Commercial Set.

This is a beefed-up version of the PowerBlock Pro EXP Stage 3 dumbbell set (which I ranked #1). It’s really made for use in a commercial gym, hence the name. 

It has 3 major differences compared to the Pro EXP Stage 3:

  • It’s overall more durable so it can handle rougher commercial gym use conditions. However, because these are likely to be used in tougher settings, they have a shorter 1-year commercial warranty, as opposed to the 5-year limited home use warranty that the Pro EXP has.
  • The handles, by default, are straight and made of stainless steel with knurling for better grip. This is a big upgrade from the contoured thermoplastic rubber (TPR) grips that come standard on the home-use PowerBlocks. Though, you can upgrade to knurled electroless nickel-plated steel grips on the Elite USA, Pro EXP and Pro 50 — a knurled stainless steel grip option will also be available for the Pro 100 EXP.
  • There are two swappable pairs of handles (5 lbs & 10 lbs) and no adder weights. Changing the weight is even faster on this set because you don’t have to take the time to insert or remove the adder weights. You change the selector pin setting and/or swap the handles.
  • You can achieve 5 lb increments by swapping the handles as needed. This is a small enough increment for efficient strength progression for most lifters on most exercises. Sometimes 2.5 lb increments would be nice, but 5 lbs is quite reasonable. And again, you don’t have to worry about adder weights to get this increment.
  • It comes with a stand included, which has room for both dumbbells as well as the extra pair of handles.

The major negatives compared to the Pro EXP are as follows:

  • It’s MUCH more expensive. It’s $522 more than the Pro EXP Stage 3 ($1429 vs $907) before shipping.
  • It can’t do micro-adjustments of 2.5 lbs since it doesn’t have adder weights. However, it can still do 5 lb increments which are small enough for most exercises most of the time.

#5 Pro 125 / 175 Commercial Set

My fifth choice(s) would be the Pro 125 Commercial Set / Pro 175 Commercial Set. These dumbbells are designed for use in athletic facilities and commercial gyms. Here’s why I rank them as my #5 pick:

  • It has the heaviest weight capacity of all the PowerBlock sets. The Pro 125 set is 125 lbs., but is expandable to 175 lbs with an add-on kit. The Pro 175 set comes with the 175 lb capacity from the start.
  • It is expensive. The big price tag is why I put this PowerBlock set as my last recommendation. It will automatically disqualify most potential buyers. BUT, if money isn’t a concern, then this is the best adjustable dumbbell set for very strong lifters who want rapid adjustment.
  • As a commercial model, this set is more durable than all the home-use models. It needs to be in order to withstand use in commercial settings. That said, it has a 1-year commercial warranty instead of a 5 year home use warranty to account for the rougher conditions.
  • Like the Pro 90 Commercial set, the Pro 125/175 Commercial set also has two swappable pairs of handles and no adder weights. However, these handles are 12.5 lbs & 20 lbs instead of 5 lbs and 10 lbs. The lack of adder weights is nice because you never have to fuss around with adding or removing them. You only have to move the selector pin and/or swap out the dumbbell handles to change the weight.
  • The downside of having such a heavy max weight is that the smallest possible increments are 7.5 lbs (achieved by choosing either the lighter or heavier handles). A 7.5 lb increment is more than all other PowerBlock dumbbell models. It can make strength less efficient since 7.5 lbs per hand is a big jump for some exercises.
  • Unlike the Pro 90 and Pro 50 Commercial sets, the Pro 125/175 Commercial dumbbells do not have knurled steel handle grips. There are currently no knurled handle upgrades available from PowerBlock for these models, either. They have contoured thermoplastic rubber (TPR) grips similar to the home-use models. These work fine, but knurled steel would’ve been a nice feature for such a premium offering.
  • It comes with a dumbbell stand. The stand will fit both dumbbells at their full length. Plus it has a section in the center to store the second pair of swappable handles.

PowerBlock Dumbbell Videos & Pictures

Pro Series

Pro 32:

PowerBlock Pro 32

Pro 50:

PowerBlock Pro 50

Pro EXP Stage 1:

PowerBlock Pro EXP Stage 1

Pro EXP Stage 2:

PowerBlock Pro EXP Stage 2 Set - 5-70 Lbs

Pro EXP Stage 3:

PowerBlock Pro EXP Stage 3 Dumbbells on Stand

Urethane Series

U-20 – Discontinued:

PowerBlock U-20 - Discontinued

U-33 Stage 1 – Discontinued:

PowerBlock U-33 Stage 1 - Discontinued

U-33 Stage 2 – Discontinued:

PowerBlock U-33 Stage 2 - Discontinued

U-50 – Discontinued:

PowerBlock U-50 - Discontinued

U-70 Stage 1 – Discontinued:

PowerBlock U-70 Stage 1 - Discontinued

U-70 Stage 2 – Discontinued:

PowerBlock U-70 Stage 2 - Discontinued

U-70 Stage 3 – Discontinued:

PowerBlock U-70 Stage 3 - Discontinued

U-90 Stage 1 – Discontinued:

PowerBlock U-90 Stage 1 - Discontinued

U-90 Stage 2 – Discontinued:

PowerBlock U-90 Stage 2 - Discontinued

U-90 Stage 3 – Discontinued:

PowerBlock U-90 Stage 3 - Discontinued

U-90 Stage 4 – Discontinued:

PowerBlock U-90 Stage 4 - Discontinued

XXXL 125lb Heavy Weight – Discontinued:

The XXXL 175lb Heavy Weight dumbbell set, which was part of PowerBlock’s home use line, has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the U175 club set, which is part of PowerBlock’s commercial-use equipment line.

PowerBlock XXXL 125lb Heavy Weight - Discontinued

U125 Club – Discontinued:

This is essentially the same as the XXXL 125lb Heavy Weight set. However, it is now part of the commercial product line. There may or may not be design improvements between the U125 and XXL 125.

PowerBlock U125 Club - Discontinued

XXXL 175lb Heavy Weight – Discontinued:

The XXXL 125lb Heavy Weight dumbbell set, which was part of PowerBlock’s home use line, has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the U125 club set, which is part of PowerBlock’s commercial-use equipment line.

PowerBlock XXXL 175lb Heavy Weight - Discontinued

U175 Club – Discontinued:

This is essentially the same as the XXXL 175lb Heavy Weight set. However, it is now part of the commercial product line. There may or may not be design improvements between the U175 and XXL 175.

PowerBlock U175 Club - Discontinued

Classic / Elite Series

Classic 45 – Discontinued:

PowerBlock Classic 45 - Discontinued

Personal TrainerDiscontinued:

PowerBlock Personal Trainer - Discontinued

Elite 50:

PowerBlock Elite 50

Elite 70:

PowerBlock Elite 70

Elite 90:

PowerBlock Elite 90

Elite 130 – Discontinued:

PowerBlock Elite 130 - Discontinued

Sport Series

Sport 24 (formerly known as Sport 2.4):

The only difference between the Sport 24 and 2.4 is the name. After being out on the market for a while, the Sport 24 then got an upgraded style with different colors. The upgraded style is shown in the image below. The video below shows the previous style. The function and specs of both, however, are the same.

PowerBlock Sport 24
This video shows the Sport 24 at the 0:09 timestamp. NOTE: it shows a previous design of the Sport 24, with the main differences being the colors/aesthetics (not function/specs).

Sport 5.0 – Discontinued

The Sport 5.0 (shown directly below) has been replaced by the Sport 50 (shown in the following sub-section). They are essentially the same, except the old 5.0 is colorful and the new 50 is black.

PowerBlock Sport 5.0 - Discontinued

Sport 50:

The Sport 50 (shown below) is the same as the Sport 5.0 (shown above), except for the new all-black color:

PowerBlock Sport 50

Sport 5.5 – Discontinued:

PowerBlock Sport 5.5 - Discontinued

Sport 9.0 Stage 1 – Discontinued:

The Sport 9.0 Stage 1 (shown directly below) has been discontinued and replaced by the Sport EXP Stage 1 (shown below, after the 9.0 stage 1 photo/video).

PowerBlock Sport 9.0 Stage 1 - Discontinued

Sport EXP Stage 1:

PowerBlock Sport EXP Stage 1 Adjustable Dumbbell Set - 5-50 lbs

Sport 9.0 Stage 2 – Discontinued

The Sport 9.0 Stage 2 (shown directly below) has been discontinued and replaced by the Sport EXP Stage 2 (shown below, after the 9.0 stage 2 photo/video).

PowerBlock Sport 9.0 Stage 2 - Discontinued

Sport EXP Stage 2:

PowerBlock Sport EXP Stage 2 Adjustable Dumbbell Set - 5-70 lbs

Sport 9.0 Stage 3 – Discontinued

The Sport 9.0 Stage 3 (shown directly below) has been discontinued and replaced by the Sport EXP Stage 3 (shown below, after the 9.0 stage 3 photo/video).

PowerBlock Sport 9.0 Stage 3 - Discontinued

Sport EXP Stage 3:

PowerBlock Sport EXP Stage 3 Adjustable Dumbbell Set - 5-90 lbs

PowerBlock Series

PowerBlock 50:

PowerBlock 50

PowerBlock EXP Stage 1:

PowerBlock EXP Stage 1

PowerBlock EXP Stage 2:

PowerBlock EXP Stage 2 Set

PowerBlock EXP Stage 3:

PowerBlock EXP Stage 3 Set

Learn More About PowerBlock Dumbbells

Hope this PowerBlock dumbbell review and comparison guide helped you choose the right model for your needs. You can shop all PowerBlock products here.

If you’re still not sure which model to buy or if you should even buy PowerBlocks, I recommend checking out my other PowerBlock and adjustable dumbbell articles:

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63 thoughts on “PowerBlock Dumbbell Set Reviews: Classic vs Elite vs Sport vs Pro vs Urethane vs PowerBlock Series”

    • Thanks for the suggestion. As you probably know, the PowerBlock Pro 5-85 is discontinued. That being the case, I’ll put it on my to-do list to update the discontinued models table in this article (no promises on a timeline, though). In the meantime, you can check out this detailed video review on the Pro 5-85 set:

    • Alex, THANK YOU! I appreciate you taking the time to put this review together. I was searching trying to figure out the difference between the new pro series and the commercial set (and other than the handle and warranty, they seem to be a very similar set). Again, thanks for doing this and I hope you have a great holiday!

  1. In the spirit of continuing to hijack this discussion towards the discontinued PowerBlock-Pro, are there any compatible straight bars for this model? (I’m a advanced beginner trying to graduate to deadlifts and live in an area where they don’t sell PowerBlocks.) What are my options? Thanks

    • They no longer sell the expansion kits for the Pro on their website. But you may have luck if you try calling them directly to see if they have any left. Their phone number is: 800-446-5215

      If not, you may have luck searching on Ebay.

  2. I’m thinking about buying the u90 stage 1 however I’m not sure how they compare to a fixed dumbbell in terms of size, the elite look more compact, thoughts?

    • Hi Ulyses, good question.

      The U90 Stage 1 Set and the Elite 5-50 Set will BOTH be more compact than a fixed dumbbell of the same weight. Though it depends on the specific fixed dumbbell and which PowerBlock model we’re comparing, I’d say the difference in length will be 2+ inches shorter on the PowerBlocks, for a given weight.

      For example, take a look at this 40 lb. fixed hex dumbbell, it’s 14″ long. Compare that to the U90 Stage 1 which is 12.5″ long at 50 lbs., and the Elite 5-50 set which is 12″ long at 50 lbs.. So, both PowerBlock models are 2 or more inches shorter than the fixed dumbbell that’s 10 lbs. lighter.

      Like you thought, the Elite set is slightly more compact than the U90 set in length, width and height. It’s not a major difference, but it’d be noticeable if you compared them side by side. The Elite 5-50 is 12″L x6″ W x 6″ H at 50 lbs, vs. the U90 Stage 1, which is 12.5″ L x 7″ W x 7.25″ H at 50 lbs.

      I found this image helpful image that shows a good comparison (the PowerBlock model appears to be the Elite set — all dumbbells shown are 35 lbs).

      Lastly — if it helps make your decision between the U90 and Elite easier, the U90 is out of stock, and has been for the last couple weeks that I’ve been checking. The Elite is now back in stock after being out of stock for some time a couple weeks ago.

      Hope that helps, man! Let me know if you have more questions.


  3. In your comparison of the pro and commercial version you mention limited lifetime warranty for the pro version. It looks like it is actually only five years — the user manual describes each warranty. The older urethane version has a lifetime warranty. The longest home warranty now is the sport with fifteen years. The exp has five years and the powerblock version is for ten years. Kind of strange that the most expensive one has a shorter warranty….


    • Hi Howie,

      It looks like you made this comment at about the same time I was updating this page to include updated information on the warranty — weird coincidence! Just saw your comment now, though…

      …Anyway, I noticed the same thing as you about the warranty discrepancy. I reached out to PowerBlock a couple days ago to get to the bottom of it and they told me that ALL new home-use PowerBlocks sold now have a 5 year limited warranty — So the Elite/Classic and the Sports are both 5 year warranties now; they’re no longer 10 and 15 year warranties. However, I’m sure if anyone bought one of those units before they implemented this change, they would obviously honor the old warranty. New units sold going forward, though, will definitely be 5 year warranties.

      PowerBlock should update the old manuals for the Elite/Classic and Sports Series on their site to reflect the new 5 year warranty term, as it’s obviously a source of confusion. I’m guessing they’ll probably be doing so soon.

      In the meantime, I need to update any warranty term discrepancies the different PowerBlock pages on my site 🙂

      Hope I cleared everything up for you.


  4. Hello Alex. You noted that the Pro EXP is compatible with the kettlebell handle but I can only find the handle for the U series. Can you check this please and let me know if there is a handle for the Pro EXP?

    • Hi Chris,

      The KettleBlock handle is the one that works with the Pro EXP — NOTE: The product page says it works with the U70 and U90, but it also works with the Pro EXP; they just haven’t updated the product details yet (the Pro EXP replaced the U90 dumbbells). I can personally confirm this fact, as I own the Pro EXP and the KettleBlock handle…

      …Here’s a photo of my Pro EXP dumbbells with the KettleBlock handle:
      KettleBlock Handle with Pro EXP Dumbbells

      FYI, I have more photos in my Pro EXP Review.

      Hope that clears things up for you.


  5. Excellent writeup! Just started looking for adjustable dumbells and leaning towards a PB, only to find out there are so many models it’s daunting. I think you’ve helped narrow it down to the Elite 90….I think. Wait, must reread article!

    • Thanks, Michael. You’re right, it is daunting at first. But with the information in this article and my other PowerBlock articles, you have all the info you need to make the right choice for YOU. I’m sure you’ll be happy with the model you end up choosing.

  6. Am I mistaken or is Powerblock still selling the U90 Stage 4 (5-125) on their website? Also is the ez bar and straight bar fitted for this model? Great article by the way.

    • Thanks, Paul. Yes, you are mistaken — There is actually a U90 page on their, but you’ll notice it says out of stock (you can try to add it to the cart, but it will not add). It’s permanently out of stock, and I have confirmed this with them. They just haven’t taken the page down. That said, they DO still have stock of the U90 expansion kits for people who may have bought the U90 in the past and want to expand the max weight.

      UPDATE: The above paragraph is no longer true, as the PowerBlock site has since been updated and there is no longer any U90 page. And no U90 expansion kits are sold there anymore — That said, I have since found out from other readers that the Pro EXP expansion kits do fit on the U90.

      The PowerBlock Pro EXP has replaced the U90. I own this set — You can read my PowerBlock Pro EXP review here.

      As for the compatibility of the EZ Bar and Straight Bar (as well as the KettleBlock handle), they are compatible with the Pro EXP, and yes, they are/were also compatible with the now-discontinued U90 (as well as the now-discontinued U70). No other sets are compatible with these attachments.

      Hope that helps!


      • Thanks for the reply. Is the Elite 90 expandable to 125 with the kit? Or are the “commercial” lines the only ones that can be expanded beyond 90 lbs now.

        • The Elite 90 is not expandable to 125 with the kit. You’re correct the only way to expand beyond 90 is with commercial sets — specifically, you’d have to buy the Pro 125 or the Pro 175 (or you can expand the Pro 125 to 175 lbs later with a different expansion kit). Note also that the Pro 90 Commercial Set is not expandable beyond 90 lbs.

  7. Hi, Alex. I used to have the U-90 Stage 4 Set, 125 lbs, and got rid of it… because I wasn’t thinking straight. Major regrets now.

    Having spoken to PowerBlock reps, do you have any idea why the sets don’t go to 100 lbs at least, why they all stop at 90 lbs?

    Any plans on bringing in Stage 4 expansion kits for any of the current sets?

    Thank you for the great information on this site!

    • Sorry to hear about that, Collin.

      Unfortunately, no. They don’t have any plans to release any expansion kits to go beyond 90 lbs for any of the HOME USE models.

      However — and you may already know this — a couple of their COMMERCIAL sets do go beyond 90 lbs:

      As far as why the HOME USE models no longer expand beyond 90 lbs, I do believe I asked them about this a while ago — If I remember correctly, it’s because most customers didn’t get the super heavy models (you have to remember that a lot of their customer base includes casual fitness enthusiasts, or personal trainers who use the dummbbells to train beginners — not serious powerlifters/bodybuilding types).

      A lot of the customers who buy the 125 lb+ models are athletic training facilities and even some commercial gyms, so I think that’s why they made only the commercial sets that go that high — because those applications require the heavy weight and also they need the commercial warranty.

      If you definitely need >90 lb dumbbells, you have three options as I see it:

      1. Buy the Pro 125 commercial set or Pro 175 commercial set, linked above. This may be price prohibitive, though, since the commercial sets are significantly more expensive than the home use models.
      2. Buy the Ironmaster Quick-Lock dumbbells, which can you can buy a 75-120 lbs add-on kit for (and even a 120-165 lb add-on kit after that, if needed). You can read my Ironmaster review here.
      3. First, buy one of the 90 lb home use PowerBlock sets (I personally recommend the Pro EXP). Then, supplement that with a pair of Olympic dumbbell handles — Assuming you have a home gym with Olympic weights, this is a cheap way to use heavy weight for dumbbell exercises. You may also need pickup a couple extra 25 lb Olympic plates (or several 10 lb Olympic plates) to use these effectively, since larger weight plates make some DB exercises too awkward to perform — it’s probably best to get these locally (Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, Walmart or Dick’s) to save on shipping.

      Hope this helps — good luck on whichever dumbbell solution you choose!

      • Is there a difference between the made in U.S.A. Powerblock elite 50 – 90lbs compared to the pre 2020 elite U.S.A. 50 -90lbs that are sold on the Powerblock website? I have a 2014-2015 single Elite90 and want to make sure the non 2020 U.S.A. is compatible.

        • I had to reach out to PowerBlock on this one. They got back to me and said the 2014-2015 Elite models are the same as the current non-2020 USA version.

  8. Thanks for the article, really helpful.

    I’m looking to get my first set of adjustable weights and considering the PB (other contender is the Core Fitness set). For the PBs, since this is my first set and I’m reluctant to commit until I know I’ll truly use them, wondering if an older used model of PB would be a good start. That being said, if I’m looking to get a used model, it seems like a U90 50lb set would be the way to go? Any other thoughts on models I should consider/look for?


    • Hi Yuri, the U90 Stage 1 set (50 lbs) is a great choice if you’re able to find one used. Although the U90 sets are discontinued, you can still buy new U90 expansion kits in case you want to expand your 50 lb set to 70 lbs or 90 lbs in the future. (UPDATE: Pro EXP expansion kits also are compatible on the U90.)

      The U90s are a good set. I used to recommend them as a top pick before the Pro EXP sets replaced them. Like the Pro EXP, they have urethane coating over the steel plates, which keeps them quiet during use and protects against scratching/damage.

      Hope you’re able to find a good deal on them!

      • Thanks, Alex! I ended up finding an old pair of 21lb Powerblocks (3lb increments) for $50… not sure how old they are, probably at least 8-10 years? They’re working fine, a bit tight variances on some the plates, but good for the price. Been using them for about a week and liking them so so far. My main issue is the handle area is small for my hand… sounds like they made that bigger on later models? (in addition to the V-notch opening) Will keep an eye out for the U90s that you suggested or pony up for a new pair –the more I use these, the more I know I need something heavier, especially for chest exercises.

        (Apologies for the late response –I never got an email notifying me, maybe went to Spam?)

        • Nice find on those light PowerBlock dumbbells! I’m not sure how long the handle grip on your model is, but the newer ones are likely longer. My PowerBlock Pro EXP have a handle grip length that’s just a hair over 5″ long, which gives me plenty of room on either side — and I have pretty large hands. Good luck in finding a good deal U90s.

  9. Hi, great review. I have a quick question. I have a pair of Powerblock Classic Pro 50’s. I can’t find an expansion set for them.

    Would you know if the Elite series expansion packs would fit? They look exactly the same in pictures and I can still find those expansion packs online.

    Thank You,

    • Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, the Elite kits won’t fit the Classic 50. But people often get confused about what model they have. If you want, you can send a photo of your set to [email protected] and they can verify 100% and get you set up with an expansion set if one exists.

      • The stage 2 elite WILL work with the classic 50. However, the center of balance will be off because the original 50 will be lifted off the ground about 1.5 inches. I accidentally ordered these out of ignorance and thankfully I can use them. I’m only using it for push/pull so the offset center of gravity doesn’t bother me.

        • Do you know if the stage 3 elite will also work on the classic 50’s? I bought the classic 50’s and am outgrowing them rather quickly… I’m contemplating getting the 70’s expansion based on your word. But I don’t want to hinder my growth there either by being capped at 70!

    • Unfortunately, no they will not. They’re slightly different designs and dimensions.

      UPDATE: I have since learned that the Pro EXP expansion kits DO work on the U90 dumbbells. Other readers have tested them on these kits on their old U90 sets and they are indeed compatible.

  10. Hi Alex, solid and very helpful content and info on the Powerblocks line!

    Do you know of any significant improvement differences between the Pro EXPs and the previous U series? (Aside from the color bar scheme).

    There doesn’t seem to be much info out there comparing the two models directly. I managed to catch and purchase a pair of the Pro EXP 5-70 lb set on their site and been keeping an eye out for the Stage 3 70-90 lb add on kit once it’s back in stock.

    One thing I hope they do is come to their senses and add a Stage 4 90-125 lb expansion to the Pro EXP home version like they did with the discontinued U125s (even if they advertise it as a special phone ordered kit like they do with the Ironmaster 165 lb add on kit)…I’m not really looking into the Commercial Pros due to their expense, but it would be nice to have at least 5-125 lbs per DB to quickly adjust.

    In the meantime, I’ll be looking to expand my Ironmasters with the 120 lb, 165 lb and possibly heavy handle kit at some point for the higher DB weight increments and have the quick incremental switches with the 5-90 lbs on the Powerblocks. Thanks in return for any insight on the above question.

    • Thanks, Tony! Here’s the main improvements of the PowerBlock Pro EXP vs U90:

      • It has an open handle / “wedge” design. This gives your wrist and forearm more range of motion. And it makes it more comfortable if your forearms is up against the side of the handle since you don’t have the plastic edge digging in.
      • It has the “auto-lock” feature in the handle. This means you can just pop the adder-weights in, and they’ll lock in place, inside the handle, when you put the handle into the weight stack. With the U90, you had to manually close the levers for adder weight tubes each time you put them in the handle.
      • The blocks have a non-welded “flex” design. The rails are bolted to the end plates instead of welded. This allows some range of motion/flexibility. So they have some “give” to them if you accidentally drop them. Whereas, the U90’s were welded with no flex, so an impact would be more likely to deform the blocks.

      I’ve also heard that the urethane used on the Pro EXP’s may be better than what was used on the U90s (e.g. it might be overall more durable and/or be better able to withstand hot/cold temps) — But don’t quote me on that, as I haven’t confirmed it.

      As far as a Stage 4 (90-125 lb) expansion kit for the Pro EXP, I would also love to see that. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s happening — A while ago, I asked PowerBlock about this and they said they had no plans. If I had to guess, I think it’s probably because the vast majority of their customers are fine with a max of 90 lbs, and ones who need more are usually their strength coaches and serious training facilities who will be buying the commercial version anyway, which goes up to 175 lbs max…

      …But who knows, maybe they add the Stage 4 for us in the future. At least for me, though, I’m still good with 90 lbs for my DB work. I save the heavy stuff for barbells 😀

      Good to hear you have the Ironmasters, too. You’ll have no shortage of weight if you get the 120 lb and 165 lb add-on kits!

  11. Alex, Thanks for the wealth of info comparing the two models.

    Update, as of last week I picked up a Pro EXP Stage 3 70-90 lb add on kit! Just for the heck of it I called my local fitness equipment store and turns out they had some of the add on kits in stock, so I drove on over to pick up the kit and as a plus dodged the shipping fee!

    My tip to anyone looking during these times would be to call up their local fitness equipment dealers in their state to see what they have in stock (I’m hoping next that they maybe have a home rack stand in the back and might check in soon for that).

    • That’s great news! Thanks for sharing that tip — hopefully it helps others looking for equipment now, when everything is so scarce. Good luck on finding that rack/stand.

      • About 3 weeks ago I picked up a U125 Home Rack Stand brand new from the fitness equipment dealer.

        I just put it together today and it’s solid and sturdy, a bit pricey for a stand, but totally worth it for the Powerblocks.

        The adhesive layers of protection are durable and aesthetically nice on the tray and covers all potential contact points.

  12. Love everything you have here! I have the Powerblock pro 5-85 pounds that are discontinued. I also got the expansion pack for it to go up to 125. Do you have any information/pictures in regards to the powerblock ez curl or straight bar that’s compatible with this particular set? Tysm!

    • Unfortunately, the new EZ curl bar on the PowerBlock site won’t be compatible. However, based on my research, I believe there was a (now-discontinued) EZ curl and straight bar that was compatible with the Pro Rexan that you have. They’re called the “PowerBlock Classic EZ Curl Bar” and “PowerBlock Classic Straight Bar” — Check out these videos:

      So, I think the only solution for you would be to find these second-hand (e.g. on eBay, craigslist, Facebook Marketplace). They’ll probably be hard to come by, but worth taking a look.

  13. Now I feel like I have the U90s? My handles don’t lock in the added weights without me manually doing it. Although, on the top of my stand it says “pro powerblock”.

    • It’s hard to say for sure. Could you show me a photo?

      If they are in fact the U90s, then the current EZ curl and straight bar on the PowerBlock site will be compatible.

  14. I have the powerblock pro rexans that went up to 85 pounds .. got the expansion pack so now I’m good to 125. Any information of compatible ez curl or straight bars that will work for me? Thanks!

  15. Does anyone know if the expansion kits for the sport EXP models will fit the older version? I have a sport 9.0 set that I was hoping to buy a stage 2 expansion kit for. Thanks!

  16. Thanks so much, this thread is excellent. I’ve got the U-90 and am wondering if the current PRO urethane coated expansions are compatible? They look roughly the same size and shape, but obviously that could be incorrect.

    • Unfortunately, the Pro expansion kits do not work with the U90 dumbbells. You’ll have to find them second hand or from a 3rd party retailer that may still happen to carry the U90 kits.

      UPDATE: Readers have since confirmed that they Pro expansion kits DO indeed work on the now-discontinued U90 dumbbell sets.

  17. Just wanted to let you and everyone know that the pro exp stage 2 will in fact work with the U90. I was told by powerblock that they wouldn’t but thought I would give it a try. Opened the box, took everything out and my stage 1 U90 fit perfectly. Hope that helps

  18. I see my comment was scrubbed (as well as my previous ones for some reason) so I’ll try again.

    Hi Alex.

    I bought a second EZ Curl Bar to use with a set of PB’s I keep at work. So I have both the new one and old one. I haven’t stood on a scale comparing both, but when I spoke to PB customer service they specifically told me that both bars are identical (other than color) and the new one being listed as 5lbs heavier is because they decided to label its weight more accurately. I thought this was super weird- how could they have been wrong about the weight of their own bar for so many years? The customer service rep repeated himself a second time when I asked for clarification.

      • You’re right, it seems I overlooked your comment on the other PowerBlock article. Sorry about that.

        Thanks for pointing this out. I had always just assumed the old one was 20 lbs and that they made the new 5 lbs heavier. But after reading your comment, I pulled out my shipping scale, and lo and behold, my older model one is 24 lbs.

        I’m not sure why they had it listed as 20 lbs for all those years — Maybe they had planned on the old version being 20 lbs and already had the weight guide stickers printed up with the 20 lbs, and then the actual manufactured product ended up being closer to 25 lbs — so they just kept it listed as 20 lbs since that’s what the stickers showed? That’s just a wild guess on my part.

        In any case, I’m glad they corrected it with the new version.

  19. Hi,
    I’m considering the sport EXP stage 2 (70pounds) vs the Elite stage 2 (70pounds) I understand that the main difference is a contoured handle for the sport exp and a non contoured handle for the Elite and open handle for the sport exp.
    I think i would prefer the open handle design to avoid the 2 bars on the top in the Elite touching my wrist or forearm.
    Have you had any experience with a contoured handle? Do you recommend one over the other?

    • I’ve used both the Sport EXP and the Elite dumbbells before. And I own the Pro EXP, which uses the same contoured handle as the Sport EXP. I do prefer the straight handle slightly more, but the contoured handle isn’t big negative. I feel like the open handle design, if you care about that, outweighs the benefit of the benefit of the straight handle IMO. Also, you get the auto-lock feature with the Sport EXP. That said, if you’re on a budget, the Elite saves you about $40.

      • That makes sense, thank you. I’m looking at ROGUE and they have both stage 2 ELITE and SPORT EXP for same price. I prefer to have an open handle.
        If the contoured handle isn’t a big negative then I think I might as well get the EXP and ill have the auto lock feature.

        • FYI, the Elite models on the Rogue site are “Elite EXP” as opposed to the “Elite USA” ones on the PowerBlock site. The Elite EXP are only sold by third party’s like Rogue — the key differences being 1) the Elite EXP actually does have a contoured handle just like the Sport EXP; 2) it’s not made in the USA; 3) the Elite USA expansion kits sold on PowerBlock.com are not compatible with the Elite EXP (i.e. if you were to buy this model and upgrade with the 90 lb kit in the future, you’d have to find an Elite EXP expansion kit — some people have bought the Elite USA expansion kit for their Elite EXP dumbbells only to find out it doesn’t fit.

  20. Hi Alex and thank you so much for posting this valuable information. I am thinking of acquiring a set of Pro EXP Powerblocks Urethane set 5-50Ibs Stage 1. In your opinion is this a good choice for a current (non-discontinued) expandable set to go with? Based on the info in this post, I think this set is not only expandable with the Stage 2 and 3 , but with the straight and ez curl bars as well.
    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    • That’s an excellent choice, Craig! That’s the set I own (though I have all 3 stages). You’ll be able to expand later if/when you need to. And having access to the accessories is a plus, if you plan to use them (I find the Kettlebell handle attachment is the one I use most these days, by far).

  21. Hi Alex,

    Your article helped me purchase my first set a few years ago. Now I have 3 sets- 2 at home (one on the floor for the bar attachments and one on the stand for dumbbell use) and one at a family member’s house that I visit often. Thanks you’ve created a PowerBlock addict!

    Anyway, I was looking on craigslist to see if I could find another Straight Bar and I saw a guy selling a set of U50’s and claiming they can be expended to 90lbs. Is that correct? His set is an actual U50, not U70 or U90- the stickers have a max amount of 50lbs.

  22. Great information, just picked up a set of XXXL 125’s and was wondering if the Pro Commercial 125-175 Expansion would work? I found an old cached version that said it was compatible and dimensions look the exact same between the two.

    • Hi Sean, great question! YES, the Pro Commercial 125-175 Expansion will work with the PowerBlock XXXL 125 set. I looked up the archived version of the page from their old site and saw that info as well. In addition, I reached out to my contact at PowerBlock to confirm this and they told me it is indeed compatible.

  23. I have the powerblock pro rexans that goes up to 90 pounds and can be extended to 125lb. Do you know if it is compatible with any current powerblocks to get an extension kit from 90 to 125lb? Any suggestion where the 125lb extension kit can be purchased?


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