Body fat percentage guide for men and women

The Supreme Guide To Body Fat Percentage With Pictures & Charts

This is a comprehensive guide to body fat percentage for fitness enthusiasts. This guide includes topics ranging from a basic explanation of what body fat percentage is, to how it’s measured, to factors that influence different body fat distribution patterns and MUCH more. Reading about all of these topics is great. But it’s not enough. I know you also want … Read more

calorie intake to lose weight

Calorie Intake to Lose Weight: Fat Loss Made Easy

Find out your calorie intake to lose weight with a simple calculation. It’s only possible to lose fat if you expend more calories than you consume per day. There’s no other way around it; you need a caloric deficit to lose weight and fat. If you can’t abide by this simple rule, then you can … Read more

best exercises for cutting fat fast

The Best Exercises for Cutting Fat Fast

Discover the best exercises for cutting fat fast. The fat burning exercises and workouts on this page will help you cut fat and get a ripped physique. So, what are the best exercises for cutting fat? To give you the best answer to this question, I must address two essential items: Quality vs. Speed. The … Read more