How to Fix Uneven Shoulders - Q and A

How Do I Fix Uneven Shoulders? Please Help Me Correct My Posture!

___TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW____TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW___The following post is based on a Q&A between me and one of my readers, Arnaldo. Arnoldo wanted to fix his uneven shoulders, which was affecting his overhead lifts.Arnaldo’s Question Hey Alex! I came across your upper back anatomy guides, and I think they are really awesome! I decided to write you as I’m really confused about what … Read more

Tips to Fix Muscle Imbalances

5 Not-So-Common Tips to Fix Muscle Imbalances

This is a guest post by Alex Eriksson of – Not to be confused with me, Alex V., of King of the Gym. Be sure to leave your feedback in the comment section below. Muscular imbalances are likely to affect us all at some point. In fact, it’s incredibly unlikely that, as a regular gym-goer, you … Read more

Tips for Better Posture

13 Incredibly Useful Tips for Better Posture That Actually Work

Achieving better posture is a popular goal thanks to the explosion of interest in mobility and “prehab” focused training in recent years. The reasons for wanting better posture vary from person to person: Bodybuilders want to develop a more aesthetic default posture; they want to be able to do exercises that require good mobility so they can target certain muscle groups (e.g. face … Read more