2 Essential Seated Calf Raise Benefits

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There are two key seated calf raise benefits that you can’t get from other exercise. This page explains each benefit and how it might help you.

Seated Calf Raise Benefits. Besides the obvious benefit of accelerating your calf muscle growth and strength progress, this calf exercise has a couple distinct benefits that may appeal to you.

  1. Isolate the Soleus. There are two main calf muscles: the soleus and the gastrocnemius. The soleus is smaller, but nonetheless, makes a significant contribution to the size and shape of muscularly developed calves. When your knees are bent during seated calf raise exercise, your gastrocnemius is deactivated; thereby giving full attention to the soleus.
  2. Treat & Prevent Shin Splints. Do you ever get painful shin splints? Both seated as well as standing calf raises strengthen the calf, which is important for preventing shin splints. Note that calf raises alone are not an be-all-end-all solution for shin pains. The addition of exercises such as toe raises, heel walking and resisted dorsiflexion are also necessary for a well-rounded treatment or prevention strategy.

Seated calf raises will help you succeed on your journey to more muscular calves. But you must be able to use proper technique to see results.

If you think you know how do this exercise already, think again. Most people in the gym make one or two major mistakes that render it useless…

…See seated calf raise to double-check your form and read this calf training guide for general calf training advice.

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