3 Push Press Benefits

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Don’t miss out on any push press benefits. This explosive shoulder exercise delivers excellent results and is popular for a good reason: it works!

Be sure you know how to properly perform the push press so you can fully realize its benefits.

Push Press Benefits. The top 3 advantages of this lift are listed below.

  1. Heavy Negatives. The push press is great because it allows you press more weight overhead than you would be able to if you didn’t use any leg drive. The momemtum created from leg drive makes the positive rep (somewhat) easier. However, your shoulder muscles get 100% of the credit for the entire negative repetition. The heavy negatives are what really overload your deltoids and get you used to handling heavier loads.
  2. Bust Through Plateaus on Pressing Movements. Has your shoulder training progress stalled out? Use the push press to reinvigorate your strength and muscle gains. The strength gained on this exercises “transfers” to similar movements (e.g. barbell overhead press, dumbbell shoulder press).
  3. Develop Raw Power. This is a power exercise, which means it is designed to develop the explosiveness of the shoulder muscles; In other words, it trains your shoulders to output the maximum amount of strength in the shortest amount of time, which can benefit you in any upper body pushing movement.
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