3 Day Beginner Push/Pull/Legs Split Routine

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beginner push pull legs split routine

This 3 day beginner push/pull/legs split routine is a simple and convenient training method, which is best for novice "hardgainers" who have trouble recovering from more frequent training splits.

This split is perfect for any lifter who is simply trying to maintain his current strength and muscle mass.

I typically advise new lifters to do full body training (see MYx8, Rippetoe's Starting Strength and Beginner Full Body Workout Routine) because it trains each muscle group very frequently (3x/week), which is optimal for gaining strength and building muscle if you can handle it.

However, there are a small number of true "hardgainers" who can't handle this much training frequency, and would do better on a push/pull/legs split that hits each muscle 1x/week.

So, what does a push/pull/legs split routine entail? It's simple: the first workout is upper body push exercises, the second workout is upper body pull exercises and the final workout is all leg exercises

Beginner Push/Pull/Legs Split Routine – Template

Week 1PushPullLegs
Week 2PushPullLegs

Bench Press
3 x 5
3 x 5
3 x 5
Barbell Overhead Press
3 x 5
(Weighted) Pull Up
3 x 5
Romanian Deadlift
3 x 5
(Weighted) Dip
3 x 8
Barbell Bent Over Row
3 x 8
Leg Press
3 x 8
Dumbbell Shoulder Press
2 x 8
Dumbbell One-Arm Row
2 x 8
Barbell Glute Bridge
2 x 8
Dumbbell Triceps Extension
3 x 12
Barbell Curl
3 x 12
Standing Calf Raise
3 x 5
Weighted Crunch
2 x 12
Weighted Hyperextension
2 x 12
Seated Calf Raise
3 x 12

Beginner Push/Pull/Legs Split Routine – Guidelines

Warm Up

Use this warm up routine before each workout. Perform 3 warm up sets for the first exercise, and 1-2 for each exercise after that (if any at all).

Rest Time Between Sets

Rest 2-3 minutes between the heavier sets (i.e. sets of 5 reps). Rest 90 seconds to 2 minutes between sets with more moderate loads (i.e. sets of 8 reps and 12 reps).

Weight & Progression

Use the same weight on all sets of a given exercise. Lift to within 2 reps of failure on all exercises.

It's okay to hit failure on the your lifts occasionally, especially the heavier lifts. But failure shouldn't be your goal.

Try to increase the weight of each lift as much as you can, every workout, without sacrificing your form.

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