Help! I Need to Get Rid of My Man Boobs: Is It Gynecomastia? – Weight Lifting Q&A

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Question: How can I get rid of my man boobs? – Ali Khan (Saudi Arabia)

Answer: Haha, well that’s certainly a straight-to-the-point question. A little bit of context about yourself and your situation would have helped me provide a more targeted answer, but I’ll still help you as best as I can.

The solution is simple if your man boobs are the result of being fat and having a flabby chest. If this is the case, you only need to shed your excess fat. My bodybuilding diet guide teaches you how to do this by setting up a cutting diet.

If, on the other hand, your man boobs are the result of gynecomastia (gyno), then the answer is not as clear.

Gynecomastia is the development of glandular breast tissue in males, which is thought to be caused by a hormonal imbalance between testosterone and estrogen. This mass of glandular breast tissue is hardened and feels like a lump underneath the nipples.

Man Boobs
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Typically, gyno causes the nipples be sensitive or sore, and have a “puffy” appearance.

Gyno isn’t life threatening or otherwise harmful to your health, but it isn’t aesthetically pleasing either.

How Do You Get Gyno?

Well, we only really know that gyno is strongly linked to an imbalance between testosterone and estrogen.

The specific causes on a case-to-case basis are difficult, if not impossible, to pinpoint. However, some potential causes of gyno include:

  • Being a Male Teenager. Since adolescence is characterized by dramatic hormonal change, it is very common for males to have gyno at some point during their teen years.
  • Taking Steroids, Pro-Hormones & HGH. Since steroids, pro-hormones and HGH have such a direct impact on your hormonal levels, it should come as no surprise that they all increase the risk of getting gyno. While I don’t advocate their use, people who take them should have a proper post-cycle therapy set up before beginning a cycle, in order to minimize or eliminate the development of gyno (and other potential side effects).

How Do You Get Rid of Gyno?

There are three ways to deal with gynecomastia, explained below:

  • Wait It Out. Gyno is often a temporary and mild to moderate condition that will disappear given enough time. Chances are that it will naturally and gradually go away over several months to a few years, especially if you’re a teen.
  • Hide It. You can mask your gyno by getting leaner and becoming more muscular, especially in the chest and shoulder regions. The gyno will appear smaller. Plus, an overall better physique will draw the eye away from it.
  • Get Surgery. If your gyno is severe and/or persists beyond adolescence, then you may want consider the option of surgery. It almost goes without saying that this is a last resort option, which comes with its own unique set of risks.

Hope this helps you out.

– Alex

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