7 Amazing Benefits of Squats You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

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The benefits of squats are nothing short of incredible. Seriously. No hype. The barbell squat is the best overall leg exercise, and many experts argue that they’re the best exercise, period.

On this page, I’ll list and explain the top advantages of squatting.

If you haven’t already mastered the squat technique, then you should take a look at the barbell squat technique. Because, without proper form, you’ll never fully achieve the benefits.

Squat Exercise Benefits

Benefits of Squats: Squatting in the Force USA G20
Me doing squats on the Force USA G20

As with any exercise, when performed correctly the squat exercise has its benefits. The squat can even be considered the king of all weight lifting exercises. This one single movement can achieve total body results. Below, I’ll list the most profound squat benefits.

1. Build Large and Powerful Legs

The biggest benefit of squats is that you build bigger and stronger legs

The most obvious benefit of squats is their ability to develop lower body strength and overall muscle mass. This is possible because the squat is the only exercise where you can handle such a heavy load that trains so many muscle groups.

2. Full Body Workout

The squat exercise trains more than just the thighs. It’s a leg exercise that works the entire body. Sure, your legs do the lifting. But your arms are pulling the bar against your traps, your lats are flexed and your abs and lower back are contracted hard. Everything is tensed.

3. Burn Extra Calories

Burning extra calories is one of the big benefits of squats

This exercise trains many major muscle groups. One movement can work the entire lower body. Anytime you stimulate muscle, you are burning calories and you burn more calories if you increase the intensity of stimulation, by adding resistance. So it makes sense that squats burn a lot of calories because it utilizes a lot of muscle groups.

4. Better Flexibility

Squats can increase flexibility in the lower body, especially in the hips. This can improve everything from your posture to your performance ability on other exercises, to your ability to move around better in daily life or while playing sports.

5. Improved Heart and Lung Capacity

Increased heart and lung power can also be achieved with the squat exercise. This is undoubtedly good for your health, will increase your performance, and allow you to train harder on all exercises.

6. Stronger Core Muscles

Build core strength by squatting
My abs, built (in part) by squats!

The stabilizing muscles of the abdominal region and lower back become stronger. Squats work your core because they are forced to stabilize the heavy barbell (especially if you’re using the Valsalva maneuver), which is located so far away from your center of gravity.

7. Healthier Bones, Joints, and Body Tissues

This excellent exercise also builds stronger and denser bones and prevents osteoporosis. On top of that, it strengthens connective tissues and can safeguard your knees, ankles, and back from injury.

It does not matter if you are a bodybuilder, a ballerina, or just someone looking to get into shape, squats can benefit you!

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