6 Powerful Bulgarian Split Squat Benefits That Will Convince You to Do This Lift

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There are several highly desirable benefits of the Bulgarian split squat that I’ll be discussing shortly.

This is a powerful but simple movement that only requires a weight bench (or box) and a pair of dumbbells or a barbell. It is classified as a unilateral leg exercise, meaning that it trains each leg independently.

It’s indispensable for athletes, though its benefits can be just as desirable for regular gym rats.

The Bulgarian split squat is a variation of the traditional split squat. What’s The difference? This one is done with your rear foot off the ground, while the traditional version is done with both feet on the floor. That’s why you’ll often hear this exercise called the single-leg split squat or the rear foot elevated split squat.

The Top 6 Bulgarian Split Squat Benefits

Since there are so many benefits of Bulgarian split squats, I decided to list them out and give them their own section.

The benefits of the Bulgarian split squat are that it…

  1. Produces noticeable lower body muscle & strength gains.
  2. Achieves a similar amount of lower body muscular overload as the squat does, but with a fraction of the weight.
  3. Increases flexibility of the hip flexors and improves overall lower body mobility
  4. Dramatically improves your core strength & balance, as well as your agility.
  5. Reduces risk of injury by minimizing strength & muscular differences between your left and right side.
  6. Helps bust through barbell squat plateaus, often caused by one leg being a “weak link.”
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