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Top 23 Gift Ideas for Bodybuilders

If you need gift ideas for bodybuilders, this post is for you.

I’m putting this post up four days before Christmas, so hopefully it can help out any last-minute shoppers out there.

But no matter if you’re shopping for Christmas, a birthday or any other occasion, you’ll be able to use this bodybuilder gift list to find the perfect present.

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Without further ado, let’s get onto the list.

1. Adjustable Dumbbell Set

If you’re buying a gift for a bodybuilder who trains at home, then a high quality adjustable dumbbell system is one of the best pieces of equipment you could buy for him.

Dumbbells are an essential tool for bodybuilders, since they allow more freedom than a barbell in terms of range of motion and wrist/shoulder positioning. Basically, they are more accurate in targeting specific muscles or emphasizing different heads within a muscle.

A regular, non-adjustable dumbbell set takes up a bunch of floor space, not to mention it can cost thousands of dollars.

This is why adjustable dumbbells are desirable for bodybuilders who train at home – they save so much room and money.

ironmaster dumbbell system

I recommend buying either the Ironmaster Quick-Lock dumbbells (see pic above) or the Powerblock dumbbells (see pic below). I personally own and prefer the Ironmaster dumbbells.

Powerblock Dumbbells

If you want to see a review of each, read my Ironmaster dumbbell system review and my article on the pros and cons of Powerblock dumbbells.

2. Nutri Bullet Blender System

As a bodybuilder, meal preparation can be a tedious and time consuming process with lots of clean up.

A tool like the Nutribullet will help make that process easier and also eliminate some of the clean up.

Nutribullet by Magic Bullet for Bodybuilders

The Magic Bullet makes everything a typical bodybuilder already does, easier. For example:

  • Making a quick protein shake, homemade weight gainer (e.g. oats + PB + ice cream + whey), or fruit smoothie – and drinking it straight from the container
  • Preparing omelets or scrambled eggs with veggies or meats easily added in

It also encourages getting more creative and making (potentially) healthier dishes in the kitchen, such as:

  • Vegetable and fruit juices
  • Vegetable soups
  • Nutritionally dense muffins or pancakes
  • Nut butters

If you want to go above and beyond with your gift, I’d recommend buying a Nutribullet recipe book as well. It’s cheap, but can really motivate the gift recipient to get the most out of the blender.

3. Food Scale

Successful bodybuilders stay on specific bulking or cutting diet plan depending on their current goal.

The most efficient way for bodybuilders to reach their physique goals is to stick to a diet plan.

A food scale allows them to weigh out food and calculate calories and macronutrients. This way, they can be precise and reach their body composition goals faster.

I’ve got the American Weigh Scale LB-3000. It’s great and comes with a bowl.

American Weigh Food Scale

However, if I was buying again now, I’d probably get the Weighmax 2810-2KG. It also comes with a bowl, gets better review ratings and is nearly half the price.

Weighmax Scale 2810-2kg

4. Gymwear

Every bodybuilder needs good gym clothes to train in. The most important factor should be comfort and a fit that allows for full range of motion during exercise.

gym clothes

If the clothing also happens to show off their hard-earned physique, that’s a bonus – not only does this allow the bodybuilder to motivate himself by indulging in some healthy narcissism, but it lets him see his exercise technique and watch his muscles working during sets.

I recommend the following pieces of clothing for a full gym wardrobe:

5. Supplement gift card

Just about every bodybuilder takes supplements, whether that be whey protein, pre-workouts, multivitamins, fish oils or any number of other health and performance supplements.

Especially if you don’t know which specific supplements to buy, then you can’t go wrong by with a gift card.

bodybuilding supplement gift card

I personally do all my supplement shopping on Amazon, so I’d recommend an Amazon Gift Card. Otherwise, you could get one from

6. Tanning Salon Membership

Tanning helps to make the muscles look bigger and more defined.

tanning membership

This is important to bodybuilders, specifically those who compete.

So if you know a bodybuilder who has a competition coming up some time in the next year, buying a membership or gift card from a local tanning salon would be an excellent gift choice.

7. Pull Up/Dip Belt

A pull up/dip belt allows a bodybuilder to safely and easily add weight to dips, pull ups and chin ups, which are traditionally bodyweight-only exercises…

Spud Inc Dip Belt

…The ability to add weight to these movements means that a lifter can continually progress in strength, virtually forever (or until he reaches his body’s maximum strength potential).

When buying a pull up/dip belt as a gift, be sure to get one that can hold up to several years of heavy use.

I bought a Grizzly dip belt not too long after I started lifting, and it only took a couple years for the metal divots to pop out on one side. It still works, but I had to get creative and reinforce it with several shoe laces that I threaded through the divot holes.

Rogue Dip Belt

If I were buying again, I’d get something much sturdier, like the Spud Inc. dip belt or Rogue dip belt. Both are made from heavy duty nylon and can withstand years of heavy use and abuse.

8. Wireless headphones

Just about everyone listens to music on their phone or mp3 player while they train.

However, any lifter will tell you how annoying it is when the headphones gets yanked out of their ears mid-set because the the wire gets caught on the barbell or clothing.

The perfect gift idea for a bodybuilder who has this problem is a good pair of wireless headphones.

I’m actually planning on buying some of these for myself in the near future, so I did some research to find the best ones.

Wireless Headphones for Gym

I came up with three different options – each is different style of wireless headphone:

* I’m leaning toward the Plantronics since the earloops make them more secure than the regular earbuds. And, they allow your ears to breath more than on-ear headphones.

9. Foam Roller

Of all the different kinds of people who lift weights, bodybuilders are probably the most likely to develop muscle imbalances and mobility restrictions.

This is because of they have tendency to focus more on “show” muscles, like the chest, biceps and quads; and less on the back, triceps and hamstrings.

The most obvious solution is to have a more balanced approach to training. However, it’s important to actively work on mobility, too.

One of the most effective tools you could buy for a bodybuilder who needs to improve his mobility and soft tissue quality, is a foam roller.

trigger point performance foam roller

It is used to release myofascial tissue by rolling different parts of the body (i.e. mid-back, lats, thighs, arms, calves, etc.) over it.

I own and recommend The Grid foam roller, which is just 13 inches long. This is long enough to perform all the common foam roller exercises, but short enough to fit in a gym bag.

You can really make this gift complete by getting a couple of lacrosse balls to go along with it. Lacrosse balls are to perform self myofascial release on smaller muscles that the foam roller can’t target.

10. Fitness Tracker Wristband

Wearable fitness trackers are becoming more and more popular as of recent.

They record and track several different types of biometric data, including: estimated calories burned, steps taken, time sleep and more.

They also have apps that you can wirelessly sync the data to, and use to set and manage goals.

This is great for a bodybuilders who are trying to cut down, and need to burn more calories by increasing cardio or overall activity.

It’s not so much that knowing the specific data is necessary for them to reach this goal, but rather it serves as a fun and engaging way to motivate them and ensure that they are progressing over time.

And especially if the bodybuilder you’re buying this for is into technology, you can be sure it will be well-received.

Misfit Shine vs Fitbit Flex

If I were to buy a fitness tracker, it would be a tough choice between the Misfit Shine and the FitBit Flex

…I’d probably end up choosing the Misfit Shine because it gets slightly better reviews, is waterproof, has a replaceable battery (i.e. no daily usb charge required) and looks better in my opinion.

11. Shaker Bottle

Just about every bodybuilder drinks protein shakes.

And the easiest way to make a protein shake is with a shaker bottle.

2 Shaker Bottles

Even if the bodybuilder you’re shopping for already has a shaker bottle, he can always use another. Trust me…

…Shaker bottles have a tendency to go missing spontaneously. Or worse, they aren’t washed for days and need to be disposed of like nuclear waste by someone in a hazmat suit.

For these reasons, it’s probably a smart idea to buy 2 or 3 shaker bottles. Your thoughtfulness won’t go unnoticed.

12. Food Storage/Meal Management Products

The old bodybuilding myth of having to eat every 2-3 hours has been busted.

However, it can still be useful for some people to prepare multiple meals ahead of time and bring them with them on-the-go.

Specifically, this is most practical for:

  • Bodybuilders who drive around all day for a living (e.g. truck driver, repairman)
  • Bodybuilders who work very long shifts at their job
  • Bodybuilders who simply prefer to eat every 2-3 hours

If you know anyone like this, then they’ll be smiling ear-to-ear when they unwrap their present to find a 6 Pack Meal Management Bag.

6 Pack Meal Bag for Meal Management and Food Storage

This bag has separate compartments that will insulate 3-5 different meals (depending on the model) plus drinks and snacks, keeping them fresh throughout the day.

50 Piece Tupperware Set by Rubbermaid

You could really wow them by also buying a couple complementary nutrition management items to go along with the bag, such as a 50-piece Rubbermaid tupperware set and a pill organizer. Both are inexpensive, but provide a lot of value for the average bodybuilder.

Portable Pill Organizer Cases

13. Wrist Straps

Wrist straps make it much easier to hold onto heavier weights for longer periods of time.

This is important for bodybuilders when it comes to pull exercises like heavy rows, deadlifts or weighted pull ups.

Without straps, grip/forearm strength is more likely to be the weak link. When this occurs, the target muscles will not be trained sufficiently. Over time, this can lead to underdeveloped back muscles.

Schiek Deluxe Power Lifting Straps

Buy a quality pair of wrist wraps that are durable, comfortable and easy to wrap around the bar. The Schiek Deluxe wrist wraps meet all of these qualifications.

They have neoprene padding and can convert into wrist wraps, which provide wrist support during pressing movements.

14. Gym Bag

If you’re buying a present for a bodybuilder that does not train at home, then you should consider buying him a gym bag.

It should be a pretty large bag that can hold plenty of training accessories (i.e. belt, chalk, mini foam roller, bands, etc.), a water bottle and a change of clothes.

Ideally, it should have a few different pockets and compartments for separating different types of items.

Lastly, don’t skimp out on quality. You don’t want buy a cheap quality bag that will rip and tear easily.

Currently, I own the Outdoor Products Mountain duffel bag, which is decent…

Outdoor products gym bag

…However, the compartment dividers on each end of the bag have torn slightly on the inside – Admittedly, I am partially to blame for this because the bag is too small (24″ x 12″ x 12″) and I’ve overstuffed it many times. If you get this bag, be sure to get the 30″ or 36″ long versions.

Texsport Canvas Tactical Bag for Gym

Personally, when I get a new bag, I’ll probably buy the Texsport Canvas Tactical Bag. It’s made from a stronger canvas material, has plenty of pockets and compartments, and is the right size for me at 34″ x 15″ x 12″. Plus, it gets lots of good reviews.

15. Bathroom Scale

Whether a bodybuilder is bulking up or cutting down, he needs to track his progress over time.

And one of the most basic pieces of tracking data is bodyweight.

EatSmart Precision Bathroom Scale

All that’s need to track weight is a simple bathroom scale. I recommend the EatSmart Precision bathroom scale, which gets the most/highest reviews on Amazon.

No need to get a fancy-schmancy scale – Some scales have body-fat testing, but that’s always inaccurate and inconsistent; others offer user recognition and wireless data transmission, but that’s just useless in my opinion.

Just get a scale that measures weight accurately and consistently, like the EatSmart one I linked above.

16. Body Measuring Tape + Body Fat Calipers

While body weight is one important piece of information that a bodybuilder needs for tracking body progress, it’s not the only one.

For best results, bodyweight should be tracked in addition to body part size and body fat measurements.

Luckily, doing this only requires a couple of simple, easy to use and inexpensive tools – body tape measure and body fat calipers.

body tape measure and caliper

The measuring tape allows quick and easy measurements of the waist, arm, thighs, calves, chest, shoulders, forearms, neck, hips and anywhere in between.

The body fat caliper provides an estimate of body fat percentage by measuring the thickness of skin folds in a few key spots.

The body fat measurement the calipers give is likely slightly off by a couple points from the true body fat percentage. However, it gives a consistent reading, which is all that’s needed to show progress over time.

17. Pay for Gym Membership

Are you looking for a creative gift idea for a bodybuilder who trains at a commercial gym?

If so, then call or go to his gym and ask if you can extend his membership by one year. This is much more thoughtful than just giving him money to do it.

18. Giant Water Bottle

Staying hydrated should be a top priority for every bodybuilder.

Without proper hydration, the body can’t burn fat or build muscle as efficiently. And even mild dehydration can cause a significant decrease in performance.

Generally, most bodybuilders should be drinking 0.75-1.0 gallons (96-128 oz or 2.8-3.8 L) of water each day, give or take.

This doesn’t seem that difficult, but if you’re busy (or lazy) during the day, it can be challenging to continuously drink and refill a small glass or water bottle.

64 oz. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

The solution? A really big water bottle that only needs to be filled twice a day…

…I recommend buying the 64 oz. Hydro Flask Water Bottle. This is very large, but still portable. Plus, it has great insulation, so it will keep cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot, throughout the day.

19. Full-Length Mirror

I’m not even joking. A large, full-length mirror is an excellent gift idea for a bodybuilder.

Every bodybuilder loves looking in the mirror. Is it vain? Sort of.

But it’s also a necessary part of the sport, or art, of bodybuilding – seeing progress and critiquing the physique to find where improvements can be made.

Plus, competitive bodybuilders need to practice their posing routine. And the best way for them to get immediate feedback is by flexing in the mirror.

If you’re on a budget, a normal-width full length floor mirror will do the trick…

Normal Width Full Length Floor Mirror

…However, if you’ve got a couple hundred dollars to spend on this gift, you should really get an extra wide full length floor mirror. The extra width allows the entire physique to be seen in wider poses like the front double biceps.

Wide Full Length Floor Mirror

Or if price is really no object for you, you could get a full length tri-fold mirror, which allows the physique to be seen from the side and back. But this can run anywhere between $500-1000.

tri-fold 3 way mirror

20. Bodybuilding Documentaries

Bodybuilding documentaries are a great gift idea, especially if you’re getting them for someone who’s relatively new to lifting.

It’ll give them motivation while also entertaining them.

Plus, it will provide them with a background on the history of bodybuilding as a sport and a lifestyle, as well as insight into different topics or controversies in bodybuilding culture.

Bodybuilding Documentaries

The big three documentaries to get are:

  1. Pumping Iron
  2. Bigger, Stronger, Faster
  3. Generation Iron

All three of these can be had for a small price, so I recommend buying them all.

You may want to also consider getting The Comeback. I had never seen or even heard of this documentary until researching this topic. But it gets good reviews and is inexpensive, so I thought I’d give it a mention.

21. Neck Harness

No bodybuilder wants a pencil neck!

Shrugs, deadlifts and compound movements in general, will train the neck indirectly. For some guys, this may be enough.

But in order to get a really strong and well-muscled neck, it’s necessary to train the neck directly. And the most efficient way to train the neck is with a neck harness.

I bought a neck harness back in the day from Harbinger. It worked alright, but it would always slide over my eyes, so I don’t use it much.

Spud Inc. Neck Harness

If/when I get another one, I would buy the Spud Inc. neck harness. Spud Inc. has a good reputation for high quality, durable training accessories made from heavy duty nylon (e.g. dip belts, deadlift belts).

This is an especially good gift idea if you’re buying this for a bodybuilder who also partakes in contact sports, such as martial arts, football or rugby.

22. George Foreman Grill

Bodybuilders need to eat lots of protein, while keeping fats to a more moderate level in order to limit calories – especially while cutting.

Unfortunately, lots of meats are packed full of fats…

…If only there was some device that bodybuilders could use to drain this excess fat from the meat while cooking it.

Oh wait, there is!

The George Foreman Grill does just that. Plus it can be used to grill veggies, bread and other foods on it, too.

George Foreman Grill

I had one of these bad boys back in college when living off-campus and it made the cooking process much more efficient, especially when I was cooking several meals at once.

Plus, I was able to save money when going grocery shopping because I could buy the less expensive, but fattier ground beef and chicken breasts.

23. Online Coaching for Diet and/or Training

Hiring an online coach is a gift that will be best received by a bodybuilder who falls into at least one of the following categories:

  • Will be dieting down to prepare for a bodybuilding or physique contest
  • Has very specific and challenging physique goals (e.g. wants to reach very low bodyfat levels with minimal muscle loss)
  • Desires guidance and increased motivation

Here’s a list of several coaches that are generally well respected for their methods, quality of service, attentiveness to client needs, and most importantly, results.

Note: Although I spent some time researching these coaches/coaching teams, you should do your own due diligence before purchasing any services. I recommend trying to find reviews on different bodybuilding forums from people who have been coached by whomever you’re considering.

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